You will want to read this if you use Microsoft OneDrive


Microsoft has updated its free policy on its OneDrive cloud storage service.

The tech giant has given users 90 days notice that their free allowance of storage space is to be significantly reduced.

From July 27, Microsoft OneDrive users who are not Office 365 subscribers and who did not opt int to an earlier warning will only get 5GB of free storage, which is a big reduction from the 15GB users were originally gifted.

The company also announced that it is to end the 15GB camera roll storage.

The reduction in storage space will also affect users who are subscribed to Microsoft’s paid software storage plan, who will see their unlimited storage allowance cut to 1TB.

Needless to say, customers who have been informed about the move by email are not happy.

With that being said, Microsoft scaling back on user’s OneDrive storage isn’t totally unexpected.

Back in November 2015, Microsoft announced its intention to reduce the amount of free cloud storage it was offering to customers. However, less than a month later the company was forced to backtrack on the decision after a backlash from disgruntled users.

But the change of heart wasn’t without a caveat.

In November, users were given an option to to keep their 15GB OneDrive allocation if they went to a special page and click ‘Keep your free storage’. This has to be done by January 31st 2016.

Any user that didn’t click ‘Keep your free storage’ is now going to lose their allocation and be given just 5GB, which is also the current limit for all new users.

Many OneDrive users are complaining that Microsoft did not properly explain its intentions and are angry that the process was confusing and unclear.

Those who failed to opt in have been offered a one year subscription to Office 365 Personal which normally costs $69.99 a year, so that they can relocate all their files.

According to OneDrive FAQ, users who did not opt in but who have more than 5GB of files stored on the service, their files become read only in July, when they then have 9 months to download them before their accounts are locked.

In order to get more storage space than 5GB, Microsoft offers a monthly subscription of $1.99 for 50GB.



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  1. John Flynn on

    What a miserable mob Microsoft are!. After all the years of paying for upgrades and extras such as Office now they play such a cheap trick on their customers. They already had a backlash so they didn’t learn anything? It’s extortion to make us start paying for Office 365 just to keep the storage.
    I will invest my money in a better external hard drive. The cloud is too slow for me anyway. And I’m not upgrading from Office 95, It still works fine and I’m sure the later versions are hardly any better.