Your Facebook Messenger inbox just got a major update – here’s what is new


You have been used to the Facebook Messenger inbox for a while now – you know how it appears and how it works but all that looks set to change with Facebook announcing plans for a major overhaul.

However, when you open up the Messenger app you will soon no longer see just the most recent messages but instead you will be taken to a “Home” page that will be divided up into “modules”.

Your most recent messages will appear at the top as is the case now but below you will have a list of “Favourites” – basically the people who you message the most.

Within the app you will also find an “Active Now” module which will show you who is available and a “Birthdays” module to give you those all important reminders.

Facebook Messenger Inbox


Facebook claims that the new features will make the app easier to use.

“Now, you’ll see your conversations and ways to connect right where you need them most. You’ll still see the first few most recent messages at the top of your screen, followed by a new Favorites section, which highlights people you message most frequently, so you can quickly pick up your last conversation”, Facebook said in an official statement.

It has been a busy week regarding news about Facebook Messenger.

On Tuesday, the company announced that Android users will now be able to send and receive SMS using the Messenger app.

And then on Wednesday, it was announced that in honour of the Copa America and Euro 2016 football tournaments, Facebook has hidden a secret football game inside the Messenger app.

You can find out how to unlock the secret football game here.

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