Your iPhone has a secret one handed keyboard – but there’s a catch


Apple has created potentially one of the most useful features on its iPhone – but users are currently unable to access it.

According to a report by iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith, Apple has included a special one handed keyboard in every iPhone release since the launch of iOS 8 back in September 2014.

The hidden keyboard is designed to make typing easier when holder larger sized smartphone in one hand.

The keyboard works by shifting individual keys to one side of the display in order to make typing easier.

The keyboard, which was unknown until now, is designed to work best on 5.5 inch displays.

However, there is one major problem which is likely to come as a major blow for anyone who owns an iPhone – users are unable to access the hidden keyboard.

According to Steve Troughton-Smith, code for the one handed keyboard has been in iOS for more than 2 years, for reasons unknown, Apple has never made it available to iPhone users.

Steve says the only way to access the keyboard is by jailbreaking your iPhone, which would instantly void your warranty and is not recommended.

The news comes as Apple is just days away from holding an event at its Cupertino HQ, where it is expected to unveil the next generation of its popular MacBook Pro laptop, alongside a possible new iPad.

The MacBook Pro lineup hasn’t been overhaul since 2012 and is in need of a refresh.

The new MacBook Pro is rumoured to include the same slim chassis found on the current MacBook and could see Apple debut a new OLED Touchscreen display, which will replace the current row of function keys and which automatically adapt and change depending on what apps are being used at any one time.


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