Your News Feed is about to change forever as Facebook rolls out new Stories feature


Your Facebook News Feed is about to look very different.

After adding Stories, the feature cloned from Snapchat, to Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, the feature is now being added to Facebook and will be displayed in your NewsFeed, representing the biggest change to the app and fundamentally changing how you will use Facebook.

From now on, instead of seeing posts of the status update box, you will see a series of circles that include the profile photos of your friends.

Rather than scrolling down the News Feed, which is how people typically access new posts and content on Facebook, users will also be presented with a carousel of photos and videos that they can cycle through.

Stories has proved a huge hit since it was launched on Instagram last year and is credited with taking many users from Snapchat who have opted to make the shift over to Instagram.

However, its has fundamentally changed how people use the app.

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

As with Snapchat Stories, anything posted is only available for 24 hours before disappearing.

Facebook has also added a new section to its mobile app called ‘Direct’, which seems to be a another clone of Snapchat’s messaging feature.

The move is also significant as while the social media giant has tried to incorporate Snapchat in its other smaller apps, this is the first it has copied every aspect of Snapchat and added it to its main app, and therefore putting its own version of Stories in front of its 1.7 billion mobile users.

Facebook hopes the introduction of Stories will help people share more content and stop what is known as “content collapse”, where people fail to share information and updates about their lives.

Last year CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly told staff find new ways that would help users to share more personal posts after Facebook saw a 21 per cent decline in personal posts.

The introduction of stories on Instagram resulted in an 82 per cent decline in growth for rival Snapchat, TechCrunch reported.

Originally tested on Facebook users in Ireland in January, Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that Stories will be rolled out next to users in Chile, Greece and Vietnam. While no confirmation of its launch date here, expect it to be available in Thailand soon.

Source: Mashable


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