Your next iPhone could be UNBREAKABLE, as Apple readies new flexible displays


The latest rumour flying around is that Apple are now working on a flexible smartphone.

The rumour started after a supplier in Japan, a screen manufacturer, unveiled a new bendable smartphone screen.

The new screens dubbed the Full Active Flex, will stop screens shattering when dropped so in theory, the next iPhone could be unbreakable.

Flexible screens have been a goal for many of the major manufacturers with LG and Samsung already having flexible screens although it must be said that the degree of flexibility is only minor.

If the latest reports are to be believed, Apple’s next major tech breakthrough would allow users to bend their screens at will.

This is certainly not a gimmick, as according to Japan Display, this will stop the screen from cracking if the device is ever dropped.

The new screens will not have any negative impact on image quality as the panels that have been shown off are 5.5-inches in size and feature a 1080p Full HD resolution – the same size as the current iPhone 7.

Japan Display's bendable display

Japan Display’s bendable display

Sadly, the new screen will not be available in time to appear on the iPhone 8, with the iPhone 9 being a far more realistic option.

As yet Japan Display has confirmed that they have launch partners ready but has not confirmed if Apple are one of these.

Although the iPhone 8 won’t have a flexible screen it is expected to feature a curved screen similar to the Samsung S7 Edge which will reportedly play host to a faster processor, improved cameras and new iOS 11 software when the phone launches in September.

Via: TechRadar


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