You’re going to hate YouTube’s new unskippable ads


Most of us normally skip those annoying ads which are displayed before a YouTube video, right?

From next month, YouTube will debut what Google is calling new “bumper ads”: six second ads which can not be skipped.

The ads have reportedly been created in response to changing audience habits habits and will be shown on smartphone and tablets.

Current YouTube ads can last for longer than a minute but users are normally given the option to skip after the first 5 seconds of the ad has been played.

Google Product Manager Zach Lupei calls the new Bumper ads as “little haikus of video ads”.

It appears that YouTube is following a similar strategy to Vine in an attempt to engage with a younger audience who perhaps watch most of the content on their mobile device.

It is said that Atlantic Records and Audi Germany are already testing the new format.

The idea has clearly been in place for a few months the videos from Atlantic Records were uploaded back in September 2015 and YouTube has been fine tuning the new ad types ever since.

Google has told advertisers that the new ads have so far been much more successful when it comes to having people watch them (but then of course this would be the case, if you users are unable to click ‘skip’).

This perhaps suggests that brands will soon be able to include ads of a variety of different lengths in a bid to do a better job of grabbing the attention of its users.

Have you noticed YouTube’s new unskippable ads?

Source: Verge




  1. Jack Walsh on

    I stopped watching TV because of ads, I’ll do the same thing if YouTube becomes unwatchable.