YouTube adds support for 360-degree video


YouTube is adding support for a new type of 360-degree video, which can be viewed on the web and on mobile devices.

Anyone who watches the video (like the one embedded above) will be able to move their mouse in the browser (or by physically moving their Android device – iPhone coming soon) in the mobile app.

People can watch your videos on the existing YouTube app for Android, and by moving the phone or tablet around they’ll see all the different angles while the video plays. They can do the same on or embedded videos on Chrome by using the mouse to drag the point of view around, and we’re working to bring this to iPhone, iPad and other devices soon – YouTube

The great thing with 360-degree videos is that you can look around the scene while they play, making action sports videos more exciting and interactive. Viewing it on something like Oculus or Google Cardboard lets you simply move your head, as if you were there.

Right now, the number of these types of clips is small, but that should increase now that 360-degree camera systems are starting to become available, such as Bublcam, Giroptic’s 360cam, IC Real Tech’s Allie, Kodak’s SP360 and RICOH THETA.

360 Degree YouTube Camera