YouTube is testing out ultra high def 4K video – take a look here


YouTube has today given us a glimpse of the video quality of the future after revealing it is experimenting with ultra high definition 4K video.

Whilst 4k 60 FPS video is available on the new generation of PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles and is also due to become the new standard on some of the new virtual reality headsets, video of this quality is a long way off becoming the standard anywhere else, especially on YouTube.

The reality is that only a handful of super high spec (and high priced) cameras are currently capable of recording at 60 FPS.

And with regards to watching 4K video, unless your computer is capable of running 3840×2160 60 FPS, you’re not going to be able to watch the videos in all their true super smooth HD glory.

We tried watching the videos on a year old iMac and whilst they looked impressive in parts, we couldn’t really watch these internet sapping videos in ultra HD.

That said, if you’re lucky enough to a new Retina iMac then the videos below will probably look insanely gorgeous.

The videos below are some examples of the 4K videos on YouTube. Take a look at the full 4k 60FPS playlist here.

To try and watch them in 4K, hit play and then click on the cog in the bottom right and select the 4K option – be prepared for lots of buffering!

Source: TechCrunch


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