YouTube Kids app to launch on Android next week


YouTube is set to release a new app specifically designed for children at a conference for the children’s entertainment industry due to be held next week.

The app – YouTube Kids – will be available on Android smartphones and tablets and will feature original episodes of popular kids TV shows such as Sesame Street, Thomas the Tank Engine and Mother Goose Club.

YouTube Kids will also feature content from popular channels suitable for children, as well as various educational programmes and kids radio station.

The app is said to include a child friendly design, with bright colours and an easy to use interface. There will also be a number of parental control features, including one where parents can set a timer in order to limit the amount of time their child spends watching YouTube.

The app is expected to be free of charge but there is no word yet if advertisements will be included in the kids version, as is the case in the current YouTube app.

According to USA Today, the app will be launched at the Kidscreen Summit event on February 23rd, and is in response to the ever increasing number of under 13s who currently use the regular version of YouTube.



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