YouTube Kids Launches on Android and iOS


Rumors of Google releasing a YouTube app just for kids have been heating up over the past couple of months. Just a week after Vine released their app for kids, YouTube has launched their very own kids-only app on both Android and iOS. The app is meant to be easier to use and has a larger, brighter interface that will appeal to younger users.

The company has stated that they’ve been working on the app for the past year with feedback coming directly from parents on what features and functionality they would like to see.

Users that have been on YouTube before will find that there is a significantly less number of videos than what is on the main YouTube channel. The platform is meant for the whole family, states Google. There are currently four categories to choose from: shows, learning, explore and music. The app also has a search feature to allow kids to quickly find the content that they’re searching for.

One of the app’s best features is voice search. Working directly with parents, the developers enabled a voice search for kids that are too young to type or spell correctly. Among the many videos are classic kid shows, math lessons and DIY channels teaching kids how to make arts and crafts.

Functionality and features allow parents to be in full control of their kid’s experience. A kid’s screen timer allows parents to limit the amount of time their kids spend on the app. There are also settings to shut off search, turn off background music and effects, and even a feedback portal where parents can voice their concerns and opinions.

The company has not responded about the possibility of a desktop version of YouTube Kids. The app is currently available on iOS (Apple) and Android. Apps will be deployed for kid tablets, such as Kurio, shortly.