YouTube says iOS app will no longer kill your iPhone battery


iOS users recently reported that the YouTube app had been draining batteries.

This resulted in the devices becoming extremely warm to touch along with the obvious issues connected to low batteries. YouTube investigated the matter and claim that the matter has now been resolved.

An update of the app, version 12.45, was quietly released which YouTube says “Fixed an issue with battery usage.”

The company has released no information regarding the nature of the issue which has made it unclear for many experts to determine what the root cause of the battery draining issue was.

Up until this point, users were required to uninstall the app and instead watch videos via the Safari web browser.

If you are one of the many users who now need to re-download the app, you can be rest assured that you will get the new version with the problem fixed.

Users of the YouTube iOS app will have received the update automatically so make sure you go ahead and install it to help save on your battery.

The issue doesn’t appear to have affected the Android version of the app at all.


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