YouTube to offer an on-demand video subscription service


YouTube is the world’s most popular video service, and of course most of those videos are available for free. Everything ranging from pop videos, to full length movies, to videos of funny pets make up the content that everybody loves to watch.

However, the company is reportedly about to launch a subscription-based video on-demand (VOD) service. A content creation studio revealed to Variety magazine that the video site is “exploring the prospect of launching its own subscription VOD service.”

YouTube to launch pay-to-watch video service

The subscription-based VOD service is likely to be modelled around YouTube Music Key, which offers unlimited, ad-free access to music videos and more than 30 million tracks on Google Play Music for $7.99 per month.

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An executive as a YouTube content creation partner apparently said it was approached by the site last year about getting on board the licensing deal.

YouTube’s competitors, such as Vimeo, Vessel, and Hulu, are already competing against the Google-owned video company with exclusive content and paid ad-free viewing options (and anyone who knows what those inter-song adverts are like in Thailand will know just how annoying those ads are). YouTube is of course going to fight back by providing more tools for content creators, such as the Content ID copyright system, however the studios currently feel that the site doesn’t yet help them make money very easily.

Would you be tempted to pay to watch videos on YouTube? Either premium content or simply to remove those annoying adverts? Let us know in the comments below.

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