YouTube to launch Unplugged TV steaming service in 2017, says report


YouTube is reportedly planning a new “Unplugged” streaming service that would allow cable TV streaming to be viewed on online.

A report by Bloomberg claims that Unplugged is one of YouTube’s highest priorities at the moment with the service expected to go live in 2017.

The move could be a big bonus for cable TV companies which has seen hundreds of thousands of viewers turn to streaming and away from traditional television.

It is believed that YouTube are already in talks with TV giants CBS, NBC Universal and Fox amongst others although it is believed that securing the rights is central to bringing the project to completion.

The cable version of the streaming service would only be available through a paid subscription service in a similar way to YouTube Red.

Unplugged has been in the planning process since 2012 but with rapid rise of Apple and Amazon in the same field YouTube has launched a bigger push to bring the project to completion.

YouTube will reportedly offer the service for $35 a month but still appear to be having problems bring all the channels together.

There are many who are dubious about the market for streaming with Barton Crockett of FBR Capital Markets told Bloomber: “I don’t know how much demand there will be for these packages… The Internet is setting the groundwork for the possibility of consumer adoption of skinny bundles at a level we haven’t seen before, but for now the numbers are pretty small.”


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