YouTube video captures the terrifying moment KLM plane is struck by lightning


Footage uploaded to YouTube has captured the terrifying moment a plane was struck by lightning during take off.

The KLM plane was filmed on take off from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and was reportedly bound for Lima in Peru.

Plane spotters filmed the routine take off but as the plane flew into heavy cloud it is suddenly struck by what looks like a huge bolt of lightning.

The lighting strikes the nose of the plane before passing through the whole aircraft and coming out at the wing.

It is not clear when the incident happened but the footage was shared by plane spotting YouTube channel Valk Aviation earlier this week.

The clip has now been viewed more than 1.4 million times.

According to reports the plane suffered no lasting damage and arrived safely at its destination.

We’ve written before about what happens when lightning strikes a plane.

It’s actually a fairly common occurrence, with a plane getting struck by lightning on average about once per year.

There is normally no lasting damage and the last time a plane was brought down by lightning was in 1963.


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