YouTubers in Thailand now need to register with the NBTC


YouTubers in Thailand have been given a deadline to register with the telecoms regulator or face having their videos blocked to viewers in Thailand.

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission have given Thailand’s 44 most popular YouTubers until July 27th to register their channels.

Failure to do so will result in them being unable to feature their videos on YouTube in Thailand.

The 44 YouTubers were informed of the need to register during a meeting with NBTC Vice-Chairman Col Natee Sukonrat, which aimed to inform them of the NBTC’s guidelines on content.

The NBTC says the new requirements will help to promote useful and creative content for Thai people.

The move is part of Thailand’s crackdown on Over The Top (OTT) services.

Currently the NBTC is in discussions with OTT operators such as YouTube, Facebook and Netflix regarding the regulation of content and advertising.

Earlier this week, the NBTC gave OTT operators a deadline of July 22nd to register their companies or face legal action which could hit the revenue streams of the likes of Facebook and Netflix.

As well as YouTubers and OTT providers, digital TV stations have also been asked to register with the NBTC.


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