The ZX Spectrum is back!


Calling all retro gaming fans: this news is about to make your year.

It has been announced that production is to start on a new version of the legendary gaming console, the ZX Spectrum.

SMS Electronics, based in Nottinghamshire, England will manufacture the new device called the Sinclair Spectrum Vega, with the console set to go on sale in April 2015.

The venture, is being backed by Sir Clive Sinclair who launched the original ZX Spectrum in 1982, reports the Nottingham Post.

During the 1980’s the ZX Spectrum was hugely popular, selling more than five million units.

The new Spectrum Vega will come with 1,000 games already installed, and the device will also be able to play all 14,000 of the original ZX Spectrum games, so you’ll be able to play all the classic titles such as R-Type, Jet Set Willy, A Day in the Life and Manic Miner, just to name a few.

The popular ZX Spectrum game Chuckie Egg

The popular ZX Spectrum game Chuckie Egg

Arrangements are also being made for some of the proceeds raised from software rights of the new Spectrum Vega to be donated to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London.

The first 1,000 devices has been financed by a crowd funding campaign which offered buyers the opportunity to have their names included in a roll honour on the device.

The device is expected to retail for around £100.

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Here’s the original TV commercial for the ZX Spectrum

Source: Nottingham Post




  1. Sean Clarke on

    How are you supposed to program on that? Oh wait its being touted as a way to just play games. When the Spectrum came out the fun was in learning to program not just play Jetpack Willy.

  2. You can get a PC with Windows, new, for that price – and run a spectrum emulator on it.
    (google “windows with bing tv box”, and you’ll see things from manufacturers you’ve never heard of like Pipo and Guleek. They’re not particularly powerful, and very limited on memory as part of getting supplied “Windows with Bing” effectively free), but they seem a better option as if you really want to play old Spectrum games, you can put on an emulator, but it’s a regular PC the rest of the time.

  3. Steve Abbott on

    I still have a Speccy ( Spectrum) and a BBC model B ( both fully functional). Maybe one day i will donate them to a museum

  4. The only place that seems to delete my comments is the Herald Scotland website. But it’s all of them…

    Have you posted something in the past that would get you blocked?